Monday, 3 September 2012

5:2 Fast days week ending 31st August 2012

Oh it has been difficult finding any oomph this last week for some reason.  I took the photos of my dinners but couldn't find the energy to write them up.

So yet again, it is a digest of faintly interesting bits. And there aren't that many of them either.


Tuesday 28th August - Fast Day
Home made Vegetable Soup with 0% yoghurt and herbs
Lemon Sole with Runner Beans and Cauliflower

Total 380 cals

Simple vegetable soup, carrots, celery, sweet potato, mushrooms, onions, cooked in vegetable stock and then blended into a thick puree. Swirled with a little 0% yoghurt and some chopped fresh herbs.

Plain and simple grilled lemon sole, sprayed with a little Fry Light, and served with plainly steamed cauliflower and runner beans.

Friday August 31st  - Fast Day
Vegetable Soup
Chili con carne, rice and salad

Total calories 489

I missed out on breakfast today, attempting to keep the calories down even further, but I was hungry by dinner time so used up ALL my 500 cal allowance on a substantial evening meal of Chili con carne with rice and salad, with another portion of my veggie soup beforehand.

Chili has been a staple in this house since student days. Easy, cheap and tasty. It can be gussied up to make it more elaborate, but I have a very soft spot for the basic student version.

This was cooked a low fat way to keep the calories in check - Chili can be quite oily and calorific if you aren't careful - the onions and garlic were dry fried in water with a spray of Frylight, before adding in the extra lean mince and browning.  Cumin and Mild Chili spice added in and fried in with the meat, and then a carton of chopped tomatoes and a can of red kidney beans added and the whole simmered until nice and thick. A third of a cup of cooked basmati rice on the side, a good sprinkling of coriander and a goodly sized green salad. And a nice dollop of 0% Total yoghurt for extra yumminess.


  1. well done! all looks beautifully balanced and full of flavour !

    1. thank you Joanna :) gets tricky to think of things that will a) fill me up b) stop me getting up at 3am cos I am hungry c) will be delicious!