Monday, 3 September 2012

5:2 Feast Day Roast Pork Belly Saturday September 1st 2012

Oh how can you hate dieting if your diet allows you to eat Roast Pork Belly with all its fat and crackling???  And real gravy made with the fatty juices?

I love pork belly.

This wasn't the best bit of pork I've ever had, just an ordinary supermarket pork belly, outdoor pork but not a good rare breed or anything.  Still, slow cooked for about 4 hours, with a fiery furnace blast at the front and back ends to crisp and crunch up the crackling it was lovely.

I roasted it on a bed of onions with fresh thyme and bay leaves.  Gave the pork a good rub on the underside with Toezapper's Urban Spiceman Tickety Boo spice (you could use any spice blend you fancy, TZ's blends aren't available commercially yet), and a nice slug of sherry vinegar for flavour.

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