Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spanish Style Hake Cutlet - Weds 26th September 2012

So sorry to have been absent without leave.. I have been eating, but the art of being here left me for a short while.

Never mind, service will be resumed now, and we will start with a lovely piece of fish. Hake is a flaky white fish, similar to whiting, finer grained than cod or haddock, that we hardly ever ate when I was a child. We used to export nearly all of our hake (and we have plenty particularly in Cornwall, where this piece came from) to Spain and Portugal who are most partial to it. Fortunately, we can find it in the fishmongers here now, not always and not easily, but it is there to be grabbed when you see it.  I like a cutlet (cut across the bone ) as it holds together really well.

In honour of the Spanish whose hake I have purloined, I chose to make a rough version of a Galician favourite, with potatoes, red peppers and smoked paprika. Very nice, and I doubt this is the only time I'll be making this.

If you fancy making it yourself,  I've put the recipe onto A Greedy Piglet for you ..

(I apologise for the photo btw, I have a lovely new phone, and have been playing with using it for my photos. But it doesn't adjust enough for the lighting I have on in the dark evenings, so I think my camera will be brought back into play.

What do you think? Is this photo ok, or are earlier blog pictures more to your liking?)

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