Friday, 9 March 2012

Retro Pie Day -Cranks Homity Pie & Crush Lemon Coleslaw - Friday 9th March 2012

It was British Pie Week this week, and all week I had been meaning to make a pie of some kind.  And it was also Eat Up The Fridge Week in the Clark household, so I was not about to buy anything new to make my pie.

A Twitter conversation a few weeks ago with Carl Legge about the seminal dishes from Cranks the famous vegetarian restaurant, in their time at Marshall Street just off Carnaby Street back in the 70s, had me thinking about some of the dishes I had loved from there - I had lunch at least a couple of days a week when I first started work in the West End in the mid 1970s.

One that was particularly delicious was Homity pie, a deceptively simple dish of potatoes onions and cheese in a pastry case. My version isn't the same exactly as the Cranks' one, the pastry is considerably less concrete-like than their was, but it was then, and still is now, extremely moreish and delicious. One to be blogged in detail at some time on The Greedy Piglet I promise.

Crank's Homity Pie with Crush Lemon Dressing Coleslaw

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  1. Looks just great Lynne - one of my all time favourite meals. Some hidden gems in the Cranks books just begging to be rediscovered :)