Saturday, 17 March 2012

For St Paddy, Bacon and Colcannon - Friday March 16th 2012

In recognition of St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, I decided that Friday night's dinner would be bacon and cabbage in some form.  Gammon steaks are delicious just grilled so that the fat goes really crispy, and we had these with Colcannon and also Cauliflower with Parsley and Cheese sauce. 

My version of Colcannon is a relatively frugal take on the original as it has only a little butter, and no cream. I like lightly browned onions, freshly cooked or left over cabbage (any kind of cabbage) and freshly mashed potato, simply mixed together. (Any left overs of this are wonderful fried for breakfast by the way..)

So-bhlasta !

Gammon Steaks with Colcannon and Cauliflower with parsley and cheese sauce

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