Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Amazing Crush Lemon Coleslaw with Frugal Sorta Chile - Tuesday March 6th 2012

Still frugally eating only what is already in the house, until I have nothing left that can make a decent meal. Today's foray should have been Chile con Carne, but I found out that I had no kidney beans, no chili spice, no cumin to make my own chile spice, no coriander and no yoghurt or sour cream.

So the Sorta chile has borlotti beans, smoked paprika, oregano and the sharp element came in the coleslaw.

Chile with borlotti beans is just a brown thing, delicious as it may be, so I want you to home in on the coleslaw in this picture.  Shredded red cabbage and carrots, finely sliced celery and red onion, poppy seeds & sesame seeds dressed in Crush's latest Lemon Dressing, it was simply divine!  The Lemon Dressing isn't up on the website yet, it is that new, I picked up a bottle at FeastEast at the weekend. Get some if you can, ask Brendan on Twitter  or Steve on Facebook I'm sure they'll find you a stockist.

Amazing Lemon Coleslaw with Borlotti Bean Chile on the side

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