Monday, 5 March 2012

New York Pasta and Meatballs - Sunday March 4th 2012

Do you remember this from your childhood?  It was my favourite film when I was little, and for me, meatballs are, and always will be, Tramp and his Lady.

So when Dreamfields (who are American, like Tramp) kindly sent me some low carb pasta to try out,

then there could only be one result,

New York Penne with Meatballs...Ok it should have been spaghetti, but the Dearly Beloved voted for the Penne..

And I have to report that I was very pleasantly surprised. OK, it isn't lovely rough bronze die cut artisan pasta, but it IS pasta, and tastes like pasta. Which I wasn't at all sure it would being as it has been modified to reduce the amount of digestible carbohydrate.  Which makes it ideal for people eating a low carb or low GI diet, or who have dietary needs, such as diabetes.  I think for these people, this is a viable alternative to very small portions of ordinary pasta.

Although for me, who has no such requirements, I would have to say I will probably stick to my artisan pasta, as this costs roughly the same. But a qualified recommendation nevertheless. If you fancy winning some Dreamfields pasta to try yourself, there is a sweepstake on their Facebook page, so have a look, you may be lucky!

With thanks to Dreamfield for the pasta samples. There is a list of retailers on their website and also details of how to buy online.  


  1. I love Dreamfields, as not only is it low carb, it tastes good, doesn't make me feel too full and doesn't make me sleepy. Great stuff.

  2. Certainly better than any other low carb pasta I have tried. Things have come a long way in the last 10 years!