Saturday, 5 April 2014

Chicken Mole with Mango Salsa

Fabulous salsa with mango and cucumber and sweet white onions, coriander and a good spritz of lime juice. Sprinkled with the amazing Mexican chili lime seasoning I have discovered from +La Costena and which is my current favourite seasoning. It is chili powder, lime powder and salt, called Tajin after the company that markets it as a complete seasoning, and Mexicans use it on fruit and fresh vegetables all the time. I just love it..

La Costena have been so generous in sending me Mexican spices and sauces to try, and among the ready made sauces they sent was Mole which is made from chilies and chocolate.  Intriguing, and perhaps a bit too sweet for my liking, so I added a little extra chicken stock powder to soften the sweetness.  I roasted the chicken thighs and just topped with mole sauce, rather than cooking them in the sauce, in case we didn't like it at all.

I don't know that I would wrestle anyone to the ground to try it again, but it is interesting, and works very well with the salsa and home made sour cream (equal parts of double cream and Total yoghurt, with a sprinkling of Tajin on the top.

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