Saturday, 29 March 2014

Chinesed up leftover Portuguese Pork

There is no way to give this a definitive name... it is simply a delicious, fast recipe to use up the other half of the Portuguese Roast Pork - or any other left over roast meat. 

I sliced up the pork, and popped it in a bowl with some sliced garlic and a couple of slugs of hoisin sauce. Then stirfried some sliced carrots , sliced celery, slivered sweet onions, slivered fresh ginger  and sliced red peppers, added some ready cooked udon noodles and oyster sauce. That topped some boiled rice, and then the pork was heated up in the same wok until it was hot and sizzly. Pour it over the top of the veggies,  add some coriander and then straight down my throat....dinner in the time it took the rice to cook.

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