Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lasagne with Ellie

My stepson Paul and his family came for lunch before setting off to see Rang's mum in Thailand for an extended holiday - he used to live there and met Rang there, and whilst she is happy here in England, it is always a joy for her to go home to see her family. And Ellie, their daughter, is of an age to really enjoy herself there.

Not sure of how the timings would go, I made lasagne and salad, so very easy tempered, as it is better made the day before and reheated for an hour before serving.

Certainly it went down well.. here is Ellie on her second plateful!


  1. Hey it works! You are one of the wonderful Blogger bloggers who let none Blogger bloggers comment. Lasagne looks delicious. Am not going to read anymore tonight for obvious reasons :)

    1. hurray!!!! no. best not to look anymore... get back to your knicker drawer...