Sunday, 13 April 2014

Seared Lamb Rump Steaks with Plum Vinegar glaze

Easy again, as ever!

Little lamb rump steaks, seared on a fiercely hot griddle, and served with hot potato salad and lots of  salad - mushrooms, radishes, cucumber, rocket, lamb's lettuce.

What makes it so very delicious is :

a) good seasoning of the meat before cooking, salt, pepper, some ground cardamom (my fave extra seasoning at the moment) and a good rub of oil on the meat, not on the pan.

b) really searing the edges of the lamb steaks before you do that flat surfaces. Hold the meat with tongs and push down hard onto the metal ridges to make the fat crisp and unflabby. Unlike cooking chops under the grill, you won't get nice edges unless you do that. Then move onto the each of the sides until nicely cooked to your taste.

c) keep the heat nice and high to caramelise all the juices.

d) REST the meat for a good few minutes whilst you make the glaze. 

And the glaze? Easy (of course! ) Keep the heat high, and deglaze the pan with a slug of fruit vinegar - I used Plum but Blackberry is lovely as well - and a little water. Griddle pans aren't easy to scrape to get the caramel off the bottom, so use the fierce heat of the metal to madly boil the liquid and melt all the juices. Once the bubbling has settled and you can see how much liquid you have, either add a little more water if it has nearly all evaporated, or boil a little longer until you have just a few spoonsfuls of thick, glossy sauce to pour over the lamb when it is on the plate.


  1. Pepper from our stores is flavorless and tasteless, just spicy. Are you looking for something different to make? Or maybe you want try something new? Currently, I use black Kampot pepper that I discover during my last trip in Asia. Its exotic flavors are exceptional.

    1. It's always nice to try new spices, some pepper is much better than others. But to be honest, so long as it is freshly ground, it is fine. I wouldn't touch ready group pepper with a barge pole, and I don't like white pepper that much either.