Saturday, 1 March 2014

Half an Itty Bitty Chicken

I love a little poussin.

Cut it down the back and flatten firmly over the breast so that it looks like a little frog. Roast with a bit of smoked paprika and some oregano, with crispy potatoes cooked alongside, and a poussin will only take around three quarters of an hour tops, and will be crispy yet light and tender.  I then cut it down the centre of the breast to serve two people with one poussin, but if you are hungry, then have one each!


  1. Looks a nice healthy lunch. Hope it tasted good.

    1. Hi Jackie! it was delicious, just an ordinary little corn fed poussin from the supermarket, but so very tender And the potatoes were just chunked and roasted around it so only one pan to clean up :)

    2. That is all the more reason to make it then. :)