Friday, 7 March 2014

Sausage Patties and Kale

It's really hard this dinner. Sausage patties.. sausage meat, cut straight from the roll, patted in a bit of flour (hence the name pattie I reckon) and fried until all golden and crispy and sausagey. Nice green kale, slinky smooth mashed potato and some mustard gravy.

Ah... gravy. I don't like packet gravy, but sausage patties don't give me any juices. So here is my patent short cut gravy for sausages.

Rough Methodology:

In the pan that you have cooked the sausages in (pop them in the oven for the moment to keep warm) shake a little flour - with the patties it will use up the last of the flour you have patted them in - into the residual fat, stir it round to make a roux, Add some water from either the potatoes or the greens, a bit of cider or wine if you have some around, and stir until nice and smooth. Add a good slug of Worcester Sauce, a shake of chicken stock powder (Essential Cuisine is the best IMHO) and a heaped teaspoon of grainy mustard. A little bit of gravy browning improves the colour I think.

Pour all over dinner. 

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  1. Sounds nice, simple and tasty, hope you enjoyed, you have given me an idea for a meal.