Friday, 4 May 2012

Two days of Pork Belly - Sunday and Monday, April 29th/30th 2012

I love to make something work for two days, it means a lot less initial preparation and less thinking.  This time, I picked up a piece of Pork belly cheaply at Sainsbury's.  Not that special, but at the price, well worth having.

I tried a quick roast (normal times for pork plus just a bit more to crisp the crackling) for Sunday, but really it wasn't tender enough, and I much prefer a long cooked version. So on Monday I wrapped the remainder tightly in foil and cooked it for a further two hours on a low heat and it was succulent and melting and delicious.

Lesson learnt I think.

Sunday's Pork with extra crispy roast potatoes, carrots, fine beans, sweetheart cabbage, and home made apple sauce. 

Mondays Pork with buttered new potatoes, sweetheart cabbage and English asparagus, with home made apple sauce

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