Thursday, 24 May 2012

Prawn Risotto and Smoked Haddock - Thursday 24th May, 2012

Don't worry, I will add in the missing days for reference, but I need to just start off again with the current day, or I will be forever playing catchup.

Today, I broke my tooth, on a piece of fairly soft bread. So I think it must have fractured earlier or something. Just pop! and there was the busted bit.

Can't see the dentist until the morning, so dinner was softish and easily eaten to be on the safe side. Risotto seemed a safe bet, and I had all the things I needed in the fridge and freezer.

So a simple fish risotto, pretty much like this one from A Greedy Piglet,  but with Celery and Purple Sprouting Broccoli instead of the leeks, lots of peas, and no saffron. Served alongside a simply poached fillet of smoked Haddock.

Prawn and Pea Risotto with Smoked Haddock

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