Thursday, 26 April 2012

Naimh's Buttermilk Chicken with Red Kale & Roast Potatoes - Weds April 25th 2012

I have been meaning to cook from Naimh Shield's book Comfort & Spice for ages, but sometimes it is easy to be overwhelmed with so many good things, that you end up cooking nothing.  But I bought a rather tasty free-range chicken at the Farmer's Market on Sunday, and thought that the Buttermilk marinade Naimh used for her fried chicken sounded delicious.

As it happens, I had all the ingredients, buttermilk, garlic, rosemary, but didn't want to fry the chicken. So I decided , after a quick check with Naimh on Twitter (@eatlikeagirl ), that roasting would work ok.  The marinade is easy, just slice up your garlic, and rosemary and mix with buttermilk and a little seasoning, and then marinade the jointed chicken for around 4 hours. Drain it, and roast with a little olive oil. I added some lemon chunks as well, rather offputting when I opened the oven to baste, and found the dish swimming in liquid. The lemon had split the buttermilk, releasing the whey. But the flavour was still astounding. Naimh had said that the buttermilk acts like brining, and makes flavours really sink into the meat, whilst tenderising the meat. All of which was true.

I also had some Purple Sprouting Broccoli and some amazing Red Curly Kale, also from the Farmer's Market, that needed to used, and so dinner created itself.

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