Monday, 30 January 2012

Salmon with new potatoes and home made coleslaw - Sunday January 30th 2012

It is Linda's fault as ever... she wrote about coleslaw on With Knife and Fork and it reminded me how exciting home made coleslaw can be compared to the bought version.

This coleslaw had shredded white and red cabbage, carrot, celery, cauliflower,with a a little iceberg lettuce in a sauce made of excellent Farrington's Rape Seed Mayonnaise with a slurp of my Orange and Fennel
Vinegar (home made, but you could use Womersley Orange and Mace Dressing instead) - not too much mayo/vinegar mix, just enough to coat the vegetables or it gets gloopy.

How healthy is that!

Grilled Salmon with new potatoes and home made coleslaw

We had a dessert today as well, which is unusual but I just fancied something else fresh and seasonal to finish off.  Champagne Rhubarb (the bright pink forced kind) is fully in season at the moment, as are Seville oranges, so I roasted the rhubarb with a sprinkling of sugar and the juice and zest of a Seville orange, and served this with Toffee and Honeycomb Icecream (Stapleton Farm via Sainsbury's) and a sprinkling of my home made granola

Champagne Rhubarb roasted in Seville Orange Juice with Toffee Icecream and Granola

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