Saturday, 5 October 2013

#TryTotal Harissa Roast Chicken - October 2013

This was really delicious and I can't recommend it enough! I was invited to join in the #TryTotal challenge with Total Greek Yoghurt, and chose to make the Harissa Chicken. Total Greek Yoghurt generously provided all the ingredients, and I followed the instructions here ALMOST to the letter (you know how hard that is for me..).  I added a teaspoon of oil onto the peppers, and some salt and pepper as there is no seasoning anyway. I can't cope with that level of blandness, but if salt isn't a bother to you, or you are trying to follow a low salt diet, then make it as per the original recipe.

Bob doesn't like fennel, so his was made with celery instead, which he said was very good too.

Look, isn't it beautiful! Thanks so much Total, this is definitely something to make again.

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