Monday, 21 October 2013

oink oink... Pork Belly for Sunday - October 2013

There is nothing as delicious as a little bit of pork belly.. and this was a VERY little bit. A mini roast from my precious cheaps counter, just 200g of porkiness.  Now that small a joint can dry out easily, so I popped this in a deepish pan with quartered onions and turnips, drizzled with a little oil and half a bottle of cider (that had been in the fridge since cooking the rabbit.) , and a sprinkle of paprika and thyme.  The liquid keeps the meat from drying out, but lets me cook it for a good couple of hours to make certain it is good and tender.

Little chunky roast potatoes on the side.  Brussels. Gravy. Apple Sauce.

Porky goodness.. oink oink.

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