Saturday, 21 September 2013

Italianesque mince... day one.... the pasta. Sept 2013

Sorting out the freezer (use it all up time...) I found a pack of mince loitering near the bottom. In the fridge, I found a solitary cooked chicken thigh, and a quarter pack of sausage meat from sausage patties earlier in the week.  All to be used up in a sorta Italiana sauce thing.  A slosh of Marsala (this makes everything good..) finely chopped onions, a can of tomatoes, some Italian herbs (aha!! there is another Italian bit) and spices (a teaspoon of  Urban Spice Man's 5P seasoning and a teaspoon of ground allspice), salt and a pinch of sugar.  And a long long simmer...

Fat shells of pasta. A sprinkle of basil leaves



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    1. thank you Rebecca! it was surprising with the sausage, I really liked the flavour, just a bit deeper, not porky if you know what I mean :)