Friday, 20 March 2015

Chicken and mushroom frying pan paella

I love a paella. I make it quite differently to a risotto, although I use the same rice in both (Carnaroli risotto rice for preference).   It is drier, less aromatic, with stronger meat and saffron flavours, and more veg of course.

I reckon tonight's had a good 5 portions of veggies, and only a small amount of meat. 2 chicken thighs and 3 rashers of streaky bacon for the two of us in fact.

I explained over on A Greedy Piglet how I make paella, this one didn't have any shellfish, and had extra green beans and mushrooms. 

It also had a lovely saffron flavour - I picked up on a sample offer on Twitter from Premier Saffron, and they sent me two samples of Iranian saffron powder, each sufficient for one dish. I infused the saffron in the stock without heating it first as it was powder rather than stamens (more than likely it started out as stamens, but the samples are most likely the smaller pieces that can't be sold. Saffron is, after all, the world's most expensive spice), and it really didn't look very strong at all. But as I cooked the paella, the colour and the scent intensified and the scant quarter teaspoonful was about sufficient.

I might have used a little more, as I like the metallic, iron filings flavour of saffron, but for many people that is offputting.  A little goes a long way as this proves.

Next sample I think will be another go at Scandilicious' saffron flavoured Sta Lucia buns..

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