Friday, 20 March 2015

Bangers and mash and balsamic onion gravy... oh yes!!

Chipolatas, finely shredded spring greens (because it is spring! ), creamy mashed potatoes and balsamic onion gravy.. oh yes!

You could say I cheated on the gravy I guess, but sausages aren't the easiest things to make gravy from the meat juices, as there aren't any. I used some Essential Cuisine beef gravy as the thickener and this added a lot of flavour too. I also had a small amount of their Pork Glace and added that for even more richness. I am a big fan of Essential Cuisine's stocks and these gravies and glaces are really useful additions to my larder. The glaces in particular are things that would only be found in restaurant kitchens until a short while ago, and I simply love them. They add a lot of intensity in just a little spoonful.

Anyway, less of the infomercial and more of the recipe...

Sliced onions. I used just the one for the two of us, that was plenty oniony enough.

Sweat it down in some olive oil, don't let it brown.

Add some beer or cider if you have some hanging around, (I had the last bit of a glass of IPA from the night before so chucked it in) and some vegetable or beef stock to cover.

Add a good slug of white balsamic vinegar. If you don't have white, use cider or white wine vinegar and a spoonful of sugar rather than the dark vinegar which I find too strong in flavour. I use white balsamic vinegar for all kinds of cooking uses, and for salad dressings too, another thing always useful in the cupboard.

Thicken with your choice of gravy powder or granules. Allow to simmer for a few minutes and check the seasoning.

Pour over your sausages :)

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