Thursday, 31 July 2014

Butterflied Lamb with Cucumber Melon Bulghur Wheat salad - thank you @LondonProduceSh ow and @WestlandsWow

I found this picture of this amazingly delicious dinner tucked away in my photo gallery and realised I hadn't told you about these amazing little fruit/veggies that I found at the London Produce Show recently. I've now seen them at my local farmer's market on the Wild Country Organics stand

Cucamelons... they are each only the size of a cherry tomato. They taste of cucumber with a touch of sourness. Are they cute or what?

and baby cucumbers complete with flowers.... and micro herbs like fennel and red basil. And so many more fabulous things. (Westlands won the award at the London Produce Show for the best stand, lots of amazing pictures on their FB page )

I made this with boned out shoulder of lamb, butterflied out (you make cuts on the inside of the piece of meat so that the heat can penetrate through easily) and rubbed with salt, pepper, oregano, lemon juice and olive oil. The same seasonings that I use on my kebabs, and really my favourites for lamb.

Whilst the seasonings settle onto the meat (about an hour or so) make the salad. This is a simple tabbouleh salad but with extra crunch from various vegetables and herbs. 

Into a bowl, put your cracked bulghur wheat (you can get it in different grades from an International supermarket, or just use the one from the supermarket, it is perfectly fine) and cover with cold water, leave for at least half an hour, more if you have time (even overnight), drain and add the juice of a lemon, salt and pepper to taste.  For a basic tabbouleh you then add chopped onions, tomatoes, parsley and mint.  That makes a delicious accompaniment to any grilled meats. I wanted more crunch in this salad, so I used the cucamelons, some of the little cucumbers, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, red onions, sliced radishes, chopped fennel leaves, mint and parsley.

Heat a ridged grill pan until really hot, and drop the lamb onto it uncut side down first. Let it sit for around 10 minutes and then turn over. Cook it to your taste, some people like their lamb quite rare, some more well cooked. Check it by cutting a little slice into the middle. Once it is your preferred shade of pink (don't cook it until it is really grey, it will carry on cooking as you rest it) move it to a board and let it rest for 5 minutes or so, then slice and serve alongside the tabbouleh.

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