Thursday, 17 July 2014

15 minute cod....

It's not just Jamie Oliver that can make a meal in 15 mins...this was only around 10 minutes from when the water boiled for the potatoes.

The main cooking time is for the potatoes.  As new potatoes can go into salted boiling water, (old ones should be put into cold water) boil the water in the kettle a la Jamie, then they need about 10 minutes, drain and dress with a little butter.  Meanwhile, chop up your tomatoes and cucumbers (lovely ridge cucumbers are fresher and crisper than long cucumbers, but they need peeling) slice some radishes, mix them up and season with a little salt. Put the grill on to heat up.

The cod fillets I brushed with melted butter, and sprinkled with salt, pepper and mixed Italian herbs. Under the grill for 5 minutes, or until the flakes show opaque right through when you lift them with the blade of a knife, so put them under when the potatoes have had about 5 minutes.

Onto a plate... Dinner!

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