Saturday, 8 February 2014

still on the chicken...

We are eating a lot of chicken... luckily I like chicken, and it seems to suit my innards at the moment. Small portions of skin, and in fact small portions generally, just one thigh makes a portion these days.

This was gorgeous. I boned and scored the flesh side of the chicken thigh, and rubbed both that and the skin with agrodulce smoked paprika.. (if you find this version of Pimenton dela Vera, do get it, it is smokey, slightly bittersweet, not hot but with a spicey undertone.  Totally delicious and it makes the kitchen smell wonderful).  I heated a little oil in a pan until smoking hot and fried the skin side first, then the flesh side. I like my chicken skin very crisp, so I finished it off under the grill, and then, whilst it rested, deglazed the pan with a little dry sherry.

I had some chinese pak and bok choi in the bottom of the fridge, so I chopped that up and steamed it with just a sprinkling of salt. There is an amazingly delicate texture and flavour to these chinese cabbages, they don't need to only be used in Oriental cooking, you can use them anywhere you would use English cabbages.  Some mashed potatoes, the juices of the chicken, and the cabbage. Simple, low(ish) fat - lower if you don't eat the skin of the chicken - and totally delicious.

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