Monday, 28 November 2011

Even more Fish & Rice! Kedgeree & Risotto November 2011

I am loving my fish and rice.  My stomach and gall bladder seem to be calming down, though I suppose I shall still have to have something done about the gallstones. But not this side of Christmas I think...

So in the meantime, I am being relatively careful with what I eat, which means only half an ounce of butter on my crumpets instead of half a pack. Only the odd square or two of chocolate instead of the entire bar. And still plenty of fish and rice.

This week, the fish and rice dinners were

Kedgeree (you can find out how to make this over on A Greedy Piglet...)
Prawn, leek and pea risotto  (recipe here on A Greedy Piglet..)

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