Friday, 3 April 2015

Chicken and anchovies... mmmmmmm

Chicken and anchovies. Oh so good... I explained how to make it back in 2013, and can't believe it is that long since we had it! Reminding myself of delicious dinners was the main reason that I started this blog, and it is times like this when it proves to be very useful indeed.

Of course, there are problems when you go to the fridge for the jar of anchovies you know are there, and suddenly remember that you ate them the week before.. but ... aha! there is that tube of anchovy paste that you bought last year in case of running out of anchovies in a jar is that time :)

So go read the other recipe, and then sub a worm of anchovy paste about 3 ins long instead of the 5 anchovy fillets, all the rest is the same!

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